CINEMA SOTTO LE STELLE - The Barese Icemen of New York

07/20/2017 08:30 PM ET


  • Free


Cinema Sotto Le Stelle is a free outdoor movie festival presented by the Westchester Italian Cultural Center, sponsored by the Village of Tuckahoe and the Generoso Pope Foundation. Enjoy some classic Italian movies right in the heart of Tuckahoe in Depot Square! Please bring your own chairs/blankets.


The Barese Icemen of New York follows the story of the Apulia (Italy) emigrants who landed in the United State with nothing, and yet from the 1920's to the 1960's, these people dominated the ice business in the state of New York. A business that, until the popularization of refrigerators, was very stable and booming. How could these Apulian people (in the greater New York area generally referred to as "Barese") accomplish this feat without any financial means, without even knowing the language? And why were the "Barese", specifically, the ones that dominated this market?

Directed by Carlo Magaletti - 1hr 11min - 2016

Film is in English.